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Dildo Guide

Dildos (sometimes called dongs) come in thousands of different varieties and are usually phallic in shape. They can be bright fun colors or flesh color. Some are straight and some have a slight bend. They have different textures, hard, soft, smooth, and bumpy. They can be stiff or flexible.  It is important to note that […]

Bondage & Fetish Toy Guide

The concept of bondage toys is for one partner to be in submission while the other takes complete control. The environment is one of role- playing and can lead to sexual bliss when practiced with a trusted partner in a safe environment. Other fetish toys allow for heightened sensitivity through the pain/pleasure experience. Before planning […]

Anal Sex Toy Guide

While anal sex is commonly associated with male homosexuality, men and woman of all sexual orientations find great pleasure in anal play. Why?  There is an abundance of nerve endings in this region making it sensitive to stimulation, thus enhancing erotic enjoyment. For men anal sex provides pressure to the prostate, which is also referred […]

Sex Toy Materials

The following is a guide of materials most sex toys are made from today.  This guide is to help you understand products look, feel and function better and aid in choosing your toys.   Silicon Toys that are made from silicone are voted most popular and tend to be more expensive, and for good reason […]

Choosing a Vibrator

Vibrators vary in price, shape, speed, color, size and material. Since needs will differ choosing one is a matter of personal preference. Following is a guide to help you select the vibrator that is right for you.   Rabbit Rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular among woman, delivering much pleasure.  They are made […]