21 Club Sex Dice Game- Erotic Version

21 Club on Amazon

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Lover’s come play at the hottest new club in town, where the sexual stakes will make you rich with agonizing pleasure.

Love and laugh as you play 21 in a little friendly competition for sexual prizes that begin by teasing and tantalizing, then grow into harder and heavier fleshly indulgences.

Get excited as you watch the flames grow…..

1 FLAME CARD EXAMPLES I’ll tell you exactly what I want you to do to me. I’ll pick an article of clothing I love to see you in.

2 FLAME CARD EXAMPLES Lick and suck my hips, thighs and buttocks. Claim my face and lips with your sweet mouth for 5 mins.

3 FLAME CARD EXAMPLE Pleasure me with your soft tongue in the mirror. And the fun does not stop here. Battle back and forth for the ultimate prize… THE SUPER CARD!!!! Play hard because only one can claim it!

You Get a 30-Minute Full Body Massage.
You Plan a Romantic Evening for Me.

There is no other foreplay sex dice game like it on the App market. Try it with your lover now and if you like it buy it for only $2.99.

Rules of play are included inside the app.

Have fun!!

You may need to install Amazon Apps first.

21 Club on Amazon